ACT – Authority for Working Conditions in partnership with ITSS – Inspección de Trabajo y Seguridad Social launched in May 2016 the Iberian Campaign for the Prevention of Accidents at Work.

The reduction of occupational accidents is one of the strategic objectives included in the European Strategic Framework for Safety and Health at Work 2014 – 2020, as well as the Safety and Health at Work Strategies of Portugal and Spain.

Thus, the campaign constitutes one of the privileged strategic instruments for the implementation of the National Strategy for Safety and Health at Work 2015-2020, embodied through measure no. 11 “Develop a prevention and awareness campaign on work accidents and occupational diseases and their repair, including information on technical support for rehabilitation and professional reintegration”.

The main objective of this campaign was to raise awareness among employers, workers, and society in general of the main causes of accidents, their costs and consequences. Its focus was on small, medium and micro-enterprises, as they are the ones that need greeter support.

This campaign resulted in 14 videos that analyse the causes of accidents and how to investigate them, as well as 9 leaflets.

To view the videos and all the leaflets, consult the following address on the ACT website